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Disposable IV Supplies, Blood Transfusion Set, Urological Supplies

Welcome to PROTOS! Our company is an American enterprise specialized in producing disposable medical supplies. We have been able to establish our reputation as one of the most cost effective operations in the disposable medical industry and can provide you with specialized disposable medical supply solutions. We mainly produce all kinds of IV medical disposables (IV set, blood set, burette, scalp vein set, syringe, etc.), latex gloves, urine bag, needless injection connector, safety hypodermic syringe and retractable safety scalpel. As a high-tech medical product development and commercialization company, PROTOS possesses excellent research, marketing and management capabilities in USA along with low cost, high quality manufacturing in Asia. We can offer our heath care customers "low cost, high quality" infusion set, burette set, blood transfusion set, syringe, urine bag, etc. In addition, as a professional disposable medical supply company, we can also provide OEM service. If you are interested in any of these disposable hospital supplies or services, please feel free to contact us. + More
    1. 6ml Infusion Set
    2. 6ml Infusion Set

      Our 6ml infusion set is designed to have a liquid flow rate of 20drips/ml.
      This infusion set consists of the non-vented spike, 6ml drip chamber, tube, flash ball and the Luer slip connector.

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    1. 8ml Infusion Set
    2. 8ml Infusion Set

      Our 8ml infusion set is mainly made up of the vented spike, 8ml drip chamber, highly kink resistant tubing, Y injection site and Luer lock connector with needle.

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    1. Syringe
    2. Syringe

      According to the estimation data offered by OSHA, there are 8 million patients and medical workers at the risk of being infected with blood transmitted diseases every year.

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    1. Single Chamber Blood Transfusion Set
    2. Single Chamber Blood Transfusion Set

      As a disposable medical supply, our single chamber blood transfusion set is a sterile blood transfusion medical disposable made up of the following components: vented spike, 200um blood filter screen ...

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